Announcing a Small Hiatus

You may be asking, “Where are new episodes of Comics Talk Weekly?” The answer – They’ll be back, but real life is taking a priority for a bit.

Moving a Comic Collection

What If you learned you might be picking up and moving in a relatively short amount of time?

Would you be prepared? If not, how long would it take you to get ready – and how might your priorities change?

Zooming in a little, how easy – or not – would it be to move your comic book collection? Would it effect your current buying habits?

How much of your collection would remain “prized” vs. suddenly becoming one more in an endless stack of heavy boxes to lug into a moving truck?


Given the current state of the real-estate market in my area, I’ve decided to contact a realtor to discuss the feasibility of me getting out of my current mortgage and turning a tidy profit along the way.

Before I do that, almost all my attention as turned to getting the place “realtor ready,” at which point I’ll call in an agent to see the property and make the decision to list or not.

Rumor has it houses in my area are going fast, and for over listing price, so if all signs point to yes then I’ll need to be ready to relocate quickly.

Worst case scenario – it turns out not to be the way to go and my house just got a MAJOR Spring cleaning; not a bad thing.

Here Comes the Bad News

Though I have no intention of getting out of comics, if all goes well I’ll be relocating into a new space soon – YouTube studio and all! That means Comics Talk Weekly on YouTube will be coming back.

However, the time I devote to comics overall will warrant a reduction, and running a YouTube channel isn’t something I want to try during the fire-drill of “prepping for a move.”

crystal 3665696 640
Image by GimpWorkshop from Pixabay

I’m not too worried, as a strong proponent of the Previews pre-order, even IF I were to stop spending money on comics today, I’d still have around 150 prepaid new comics arriving at my door over the next two months.

In the Meantime, Where’s Comics Talk Weekly?

I’ll very much be looking forward to the stress relief that being a part of Spine Ticks brings (Saturday nights at 11pm est).

As always – everybody’s invited to encourage, taunt, or whisper tips to us in live-chat as the good folk at Travel and Root Beer get their D&D game on (Tuesdays 6:30pm est, and Fridays 9pm est).

Stay tuned for updates, and as always – here’s to good comics!