One Bona Fide Heartfelt Disclaimer


Okay. You might want to sit down for this, but I need to make a disclaimer.

See that list of Recommended Affiliates lower on this page? Well, if you click one of those links anywhere on this site, it means you clicked an affiliate link. That means if you buy something there, I may earn a small commission.

I know. I know. This reveal means I risk knocking your opinion of me from stellar down to merely spectacular – but that’s the risk I take.

I’d just rather get that out in the open right up front.

It’s so much better than living a lie for months – or years even, and then you finding out later and there’d be a big scene ‘after all this time,’ and then I’d find all my stuff in a box outside your door the next time I come over…

So about all that cool stuff you buy:

  1. Thanks!
  2. There’s no additional cost to you.
  3. I hope you like what I recommended. Let me know.

There. Disclaimer delivered. And while we’re on the subject of scruples:

A Note on “Sponsored” Content

Sponsored content is when I am paid to place a video, photo, article, etc. on my site that blends in to all the other videos, photos, articles, etc. on the site.

It’s not content I’d otherwise include.

That doesn’t sit well with me, so you won’t find that here. I’m happy to sell folks ads, but those will be displayed in areas clearly set aside for such things.

Recommended Affiliates

I approached the service providers below because I was already a satisfied customer and wanted to help promote them:

  • SiteGround – I’ve been a WordPress fan forever, but I’ve only ever played in the shared-server space. With Comics Talk Weekly I decided to move into the world of managed WordPress hosting.
    Verdict: Need that push to get your own WordPress site? Already know WordPress and ready to move to the next level? SiteGround made it super simple. It’s a case of not knowing what I was missing until I experienced it.
Banner image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay Holding Hands image by SeppH from Pixabay