Favorite New Comics for 01-05-2022

Mark! A new year. A new attitude. New goals. New Books! When it comes to what I’m most looking forward to, these are my favorite new comics for 01-05-2022.

Favorite New Comics for 01-05-2022

Cover to Nocterra Special - just one of my Favorite New Comics for 01-05-2022.
  • Batman #119 (DC)
  • The Box #4 (of 4) (Red 5)
  • The Fourth Man #1 (of 4) (AWA/Upshot)
  • Might Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four TP Vol 2 (Marvel)
  • Nocterrra Special (one-shot) (Image)
  • Not All Robots #5 (of 5) (AWA/Upshot)
  • Ordinary Gods #6 (Image) Note: End of arc – dropping from pull.

As always, call your stores in advance if you’re making a special trip or depending on a specific item being in stock. Supply chain and shipping issues have things a bit wonky these days.

When it comes to sources, Diamond and Lunar are the sites you want to check for this weeks much larger lists. I track my pull through League of Comic Geeks – who can also be good for a heads-up on the occasional sweet retailer-exclusive I’d have otherwise missed.


Total Books: 7
Big Two: 2
Indie: 5
Ongoing: 1
Mini-Series/One-shots: 6

Curious for more? Have a look at my monthly Pull List.

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