Favorite New Comics for 12-29-2021

The fifth Wednesday in a month is usually lite when it comes to new comics, but when it comes to my favorite new comics for 12-29-2021, 10 items show up on my radar this week.

Call your stores in advance if you’re making special trips – supply chain issues have things a bit wonky these days.

When it comes to sources, Diamond and Lunar are the sites you want to check for this weeks much larger lists. I track my pull through League of Comic Geeks – who can also be good for a heads-up on the occasional sweet retailer-exclusive I’d have otherwise missed.

Favorite New Comics for 12-29-2021

  • Action Comics #1038 (DC)
  • Apache Delivery Service #1 (of 4) (Dark Horse)
  • The Box #3 (of 4) (Red 5)
  • Devil’s Reign #2 (of 6) (Marvel)
  • Echolands #5 (Image)
  • Human Target #3 (of 12) (DC)
  • Mazebook #5 (of 5) (Image)
  • Previews #400 (Diamond)
  • Swamp Thing Green Hell #1 (of 3) (DC)
  • Timeless #1 (One Shot) (Marvel)


Total Books: 9 (Not counting Previews)
Big Two: 5
Indie: 4
Ongoing: 2
Mini-Series: 7

Curious for more? Have a look at my monthly Pull LIst.

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