Hooray Comics Talk Weekly Returns for 2022

Welcome to the Return of Comics Talk Weekly!

Late 2021 sees real life settling down enough that resuming regular programing (and blog posts) at Comics Talk Weekly feels like a realistic goal at last. To that end…

Warming Up

Sith Lordly – host of of Spine Ticks – recently announced he and Lady Sith were tying the knot and would be away for a few weeks.

When he asked me if I’d like to step in and fill the timeslot on my channel, there was no reason not to take the opportunity to leap back into the swing of things.

Introducing the Designated Decoys

It was only natural that Spine Ticks members DaveMikeRosko, Rude, and Tylox be included. We thought it was important not to confuse the brands, so the Designated Decoys were born.

The name was very much an attempt to say ‘Hey look over here,’ so folks would know where to tune in instead, while Sith and Lady Sith got a break 

I’m honored that Sith turned to me, and we thought the result – the first of three shows – came off pretty well…

Saturday Night with the Designated Decoys

Saturday Night with the Designated Decoys (06 Nov, 2021)

What’s Next?

As soon as the last of our three episodes drops – the Holiday season will be upon us.

I have a few “special episode” ideas to post during that time, Spine Ticks will be back, and I look forward to my channel living up to its name with the dawning of 2022.

Stay tuned for updates, check out my pull list and lemme know if we share any favorites, and as always – here’s to good comics!

Banner Image by lmp13 from Pixabay

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